Preparing for Driving Theory Test

Posted on November 18, 2017 in Blog

Since Monday, I didn't really get the time to shoot my terminal and start writing. Had a busy week, especially with the IRAS application fiasco. Hopefully, will try to talk about it a bit more in the future. To outline my experience of applying for an IRAS.

Currently, preparing heavily for my upcoming Driving Theory Test. Generally, my approach to test and exams is: "Minimal effort for Maximum outcome". However, for this particular test, I have been studying quite attentively. Seeing my unusual heavy efforts for this test, even my wife has started pulling my toes about it. Anyways, got to go back to studying.

Since, I was all alone in the evening today, and I am a silent reader, it was getting very quite for my liking. At that time got a calendar notification for Manchester United's match against Newcastle United. Some search queries lead me to the stream2watch service and then watched two matches back to back, including the very dull Madrid derby.

I hope and pray that, I do justice to my efforts on studying for the test, so that I become a safe driver.